Onwards and upwards

Hello my friends,

So, we survived 2020. It was a tough year of worries and waiting. I was underground in hibernation, burning my reserves and starved of connection, but on the upside I also had endless Ella licks, did a lot of online courses and managed to get in at a great Art Academy.

2021 is already picking up speed, let’s roll with it. It is time to focus on new beginnings and positivity. I want to plan and prepare for my studies starting September. And I have a lot of ideas for projects I want to do in the meantime.

I wish you all kindness and patience. I hope you are doing okay in this challenging period.
Hang in there…

Love, George

The books have arrived!

Hi all,

I have great news for you… The books have arrived! Little Bee’s Sneeze is here and ready to order! The print quality is lovely. There are only limited numbers of the first special edition, so be quick to secure your copy.

Order yours here through my website, or get in touch for pickup/drop-off in Amsterdam:

Copies will also be available at Bookshop Mulder, Amsterdam:
And the American Book Centre, Amsterdam:

Little Bee’s Sneeze is print-ready!

Hi all,

First of all happy Friday! It is a gorgeous, sunny day in Amsterdam. After a few hours without electricity this morning, I’m now catching up contently with a power espresso.

But here’s the important news; Little Bee’s Sneeze has an ISBN number and is in the queue at the printers. It will roll hot off the press in about 3-4 weeks. We are very excited to see the final product!

Last phase for Little Bee’s Sneeze

Hi all,

These days are all about Photoshop. I am scanning in all the layers and combining them as per the page layout. I need a few last images depending on the fits. This is the last work from my side and then I am very excited and curious to see where this will go from here!


Book progress update

Hi everyone, a quick newsflash regarding Little Bee’s Sneeze:

Editing is is still underway, so we have no final layout yet. But things are hotting up surrounding the book and we have some exciting news. An official launch is planned in Wales this Spring, pre-sales are going well and a soft toy of Little Bee is in the making! Nerys will also be donating a percentage of profits to a bee charity. A worthy cause, I would say.

Pre-orders are now also set up on my shop page. So reserve your copy now!

Week 2

This week I am working on bee image layers for Nerys Beattie’s book; Little Bee’s Sneeze. As soon as I get the final edit and layout from the publishers, I can crack on with backgrounds and depicting the scenes. I lose all sense of time working away… Have a good week!


Hi there!

So here it is! Live date. I am excited to launch my new site and my business today. I’ve been working away at all the admin setup and creating an inspiring working area. Now it is day 1 and I already have lots to do. How lucky am I?! 🙂